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Wisconsin Inland Beach Monitoring

The Wisconsin Beach Health Website receives Water Quality monitoring data for approximately 100 beaches in 30 counties with inland beaches. An inland beach is defined as a beach that is not on one of the Great Lakes. Some counties have their own websites to display water quality data.

Wisconsin County Health Department Websites

If the beach you are interested in is not listed in the report below, the following county health departments have their own websites.

Wisconsin Inland Beach Water Quality Monitoring Data

The Water Quality data for Inland beaches is now available in the "Water Quality E. coli Monitoring Data 2003-Present" page.

Water Quality Data for inland beaches on this website is for samples processed through the Wisconsin State Lab of Hygiene. There may be additional sampling done at these beaches that is processed by other labs. Note: Contact your local county health department for more information.


Printed reports on this website require Adobe Reader. Click the following link to visit the Adobe Reader Download Web Page. Adobe Reader Link

Beach Health is coordinated by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources,
and is funded by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
The original project from 1999-2000 was developed in cooperation with the City of Milwaukee Health Department.

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