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Water Quality E. coli (Monitoring) Report

Water Quality E. coli (Monitoring) Data on this website for the current beach season have not received final quality testing and approval.

Water Quality E. coli (Monitoring) Data can be retrieved from 2003 to Present. Reports can be downloaded by clicking the "Download to csv File" link at the bottom left of the report.
Note: Contact your local county health department for more information. (See links on the left for websites and phone numbers)

CountyBeachStation nameSample date/time E. Coli RemarkE. Coli ValueE. Coli UnitsWater temp. (F)
Ashland6th Ave W BeachCenter of beach06/24/2019 09:40 15.8MPN64
Ashland6th Ave W BeachCenter of beach06/20/2019 09:43 1MPN63
Ashland6th Ave W BeachCenter of beach06/17/2019 10:22 2MPN63
Ashland6th Ave W BeachCenter of beach06/13/2019 09:55 12.2MPN63
Ashland6th Ave W BeachCenter of beach06/10/2019 10:55 23.8MPN68
Ashland6th Ave W BeachCenter of beach06/06/2019 09:54NONE25.6MPN63
Ashland6th Ave W BeachCenter of beach06/03/2019 11:37NONE16MPN59
Ashland6th Ave W BeachCenter of beach05/30/2019 10:25NONE19.7MPN61
Ashland6th Ave W BeachCenter of beach05/28/2019 10:14NONE27.9MPN55
AshlandBayview Park BeachCenter of beach08/15/2019 09:20 4.1MPN/100ml72
AshlandBayview Park BeachCenter of beach08/12/2019 09:25 73.8MPN/100ml73
AshlandBayview Park BeachCenter of beach08/08/2019 09:13 12.2MPN/100ml72
AshlandBayview Park BeachCenter of beach08/05/2019 09:24 22.6MPN/100ml74
AshlandBayview Park BeachCenter of beach08/01/2019 09:14 3.1MPN/100ml70
AshlandBayview Park BeachCenter of beach07/29/2019 09:36 56.3MPN/100ml67
Download to csv
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